With solid performance, gorgeous design and some great software features, the Lucid 3 proves that LG hasn’t forgotten the entry-level market. 

With this week’s unveiling of the super-spec’d G3, it’s easy to forget that LG made a name for itself in the Android world with budget-friendly, entry-level devices. Even today, despite its status alongside Samsung and Apple as one of the leading names in mobile technology, LG hasn’t forgotten the budget-conscious market that catapulted it to success.

Enter the LG Lucid 3, the third addition to the Verizon-exclusive Lucid line that blends the high-end style of LG’s G flagship series with lower-end components and internals. The result is a solid, well-built smartphone that costs nothing with a two year contract.

But the Lucid line has always been a victim of its own design – impressive for its  price tag, yet disappointing compared to its better-equipped siblings – and the Lucid 3 is no different. It might be just the LG you and your wallet are looking for, as long as you haven’t spent the week drooling over the G3. 


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