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Google TV has seen a bit of a resurgance the past week or so with the announcement of new hardware partners, and now Google is possibly working on a new version of Google TV and bringing the software first to Korean manufacturer LG, according to a pair of anonymous sources speaking to Bloomberg.

Neither LG nor Google confirmed the report.

The Bloomberg report linkens this to a possible expansion of the Nexus line, which so far has been limited to smartphones with the Nexus One, Nexus S and the new Galaxy Nexus. There has been talk of a possible “Nexus” tablet, but nothing confirmed, and it could well just be over-eager reporting and translation issues.

That’s not to say Google hasn’t had what we’d call “Google Experience” devices outside of the Nexus line. The Motorola Xoom is a Google Experience device, serving as a reference platform of sorts for Android’s early tablets. And with more partners getting on board with Google TV just as one of the original manufacturers — Logitech with its Revue set-top boxis distancing itself, it could make sense to have a single, unadulterated platform on which developers could create and tweak apps for the big screen.

But it’s important to note that the story really only says that LG may get the software first. And it stands to reason that any sort of reference platform for Google TV would come in the form of a set-top box, like the Revue, and not a more expensive and less portable television. Keep that in mind before we travel too far down the Nexus rabbit hole here.

Source: Bloomberg


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