LG Viper preview: 4G LTE phone coming to Sprint [VIDEO]

Sprint has been pushing to release eco-friendly phones for a couple of years now, and even won a few awards for being so green. Those green phones haven’t always been the most impressive, but The Now Network is raising the bar with the LG Viper, an eco-friendly phone with better Android credentials.

The LG Viper hasn’t been officially announced because the phone is still in development, but LG was kind enough to let me see what the phone in its current state has to offer. The Viper, which will be released later this year for an undisclosed price, will be among the first devices to run on Sprint’s upcoming 4G LTE service. It also has a screen with Nova technology designed to improve visual performance outdoors, a dual-core processor, and NFC capabilities – including Google Wallet.

Software and hardware haven’t been finalized, so the device that I played with may not be what comes to market. That’s both encouraging and worrisome. At the moment, the Viper runs a standard version of Android. However, Sprint could put up some of its bloat, LG could add its custom overlay, or we could even see Android Ice Cream Sandwich in some form, be it stock or LG’s version, when the device is released. Things are subject to change and this is just a preview.

LG plans to make the device eco-friendly, which typically means recycled plastic and other materials blended to compose the frame. For what’s it worth, the Viper felt kind of nice for such a phone, so let’s hope Sprint and LG are able to deliver that quality experience as it attempts to please Captain Planet. Here’s a demonstration from an LG rep.


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