Your Internet life is complicated – let IFTTT automate it for you

It’s been a good while coming, but IFTTT (If This Then That) is launching its official Android app today. Arriving several months after the app’s launch on iOS, IFTTT is launching a well-designed and useful app on Android that aims to help automate your Internet life. If you haven’t dove into the vast world of IFTTT it may be a bit overwhelming at first, but the premise is pretty simple. Considering that we don’t live in a perfect world and therefore services and functions across the Internet don’t always talk to each other, IFTTT helps bridge the gap between everything you do online.

The premise is simple — you create “recipes” that work by linking a trigger (aka “if this”) to an action (aka “then that”). If I post a picture to Instagram, save that to a folder in my Dropbox. If I mark an item to read on Pocket, add a note to my Evernote account. If someone follows me on Twitter, add an entry to a Google Doc. The possibilities were nearly limitless even before there was a proper Android app, and now you have the functions of your phone to work with.

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