Logitech Revue’s are coming out of the box with tainted Firmware

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the Logitech Revue, think again. It turns out that many new owners of the GTV box are experiencing problems on step seven (where you’re asked to accept their EULA) during the setup process. What’s even worst is there’s no word yet when a possible fix or workaround is rolling out. This is really unfortunate because for a $ 100 (or less) this box has been an attractive buy in the past few months. Logitech’s official forums have blown up with cases of people unable to use their new Revue, so Senior Product Manager Peter McColgan finally responded with this to say:

There appears to be corrupted firmware on some of the recently manufactured Revues which is causing the Authentication error. There is nothing that you can do to fix this and nothing we can do except to replace your Revue via the RMA process. You always have the option of returning to the retailer and exchanging for another Revue or getting a refund. We believe that only a relatively small % of recently manufactured Revues are affected.

This whole situation with Logitech has been a total disaster. The Google TV 2.0 update took much longer to roll out on the Revue than the Sony TV box. This leads me to believe that Logitech’s software and hardware must have some wonky elements associated with it, which is strange because Sony’s boxes have had little to no hiccups handling the new firmware. If you happen to get a messed up Logitech Revue during the Holidays, hit us up with in comment section below.

Source: GTVsource

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