Logitech and Google have come out to reassure Logitech Revue owners that one of the original Google TV devices is being updated to Honeycomb beginning now. Though the Sony Internet TV line of Google TV products received the update weeks ago, today is the first time that the Revue upgrade began going out over the air.

According to Logitech, the update is being delivered over the air in stages, so not everyone will receive it at once (I just checked for updates and it wasn’t yet available). Once applied, users will see a dramatically different Google TV experience. Android 3.1 adds a completely-redesigned interface that looks much better, and Android Market support. That will open up the door for users to download apps and games to expand their media options on the device, a long-promised feature whose absence has severely hampered the Logitech Revue.

Honeycomb also delivers a Google Music app, a new YouTube player, improved search capabilities, an aggregated TV and Movies app, and Adobe Flash 10.2 video support. There are also improvements made to the Media Player app that streams video and photos from a desktop PC to a connected Logitech Revue.

I’ll be checking the Revue throughout the week in hopes of seeing the update appear and will post a hands-on video soon after. I’ve waited more than a year for this thing to get good, so what’s a few more days between manufacturer and disgruntled customer friends?

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