The Logitech Revue, the first Google TV device to hit the market, has had a crazy ride since it was released almost a year ago, and it hasn’t been all that positive. Logitech recently announced that it was getting out of the Google TV business, signaling weak performance of its Revue set-top box.

Google announced exactly one month ago that it would be bringing the much-anticipated Google TV 2.0 Honeycomb version update (complete with the Android Market) to Sony TV devices, and that the Logitech Revue would see the update within a few weeks. Those weeks have since come and passed with nary a word from Logitech on the update.

Logitech announced a few weeks back that the Revue would receive the next version of Google TV “before year end.” Though having a confirmation that the Google TV 2.0 update would indeed be coming soon, this move will surely be met with a healthy amount of cynicism from Logitech’s customers who have already grown impatient waiting for Logitech to figure out the upgrade process.

We have a bit of skepticism, since we’ve been waiting and waiting for this update to come ever since a Logitech Rep told us at CES that Google TV would get the Android Market sometime in Q2 2011. Furthermore, initial builds of the Google TV 2.0 update first surfaced way back in mid-2011, and Logitech has been in QA testing mode ever since (which has seemed like an eternity).

If the time frame does hold, all you Revue owners out there should see this update hit your devices in the next 4 weeks. Here’s hoping the wait is nearly over (for real this time).

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