It’s no secret that consumers are enamored with the cameras on their smartphones. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony and countless other smartphone manufacturers are investing millions of dollars to improve their camera technology, and we’re seen quite a few articles across the web that try to pinpoint the very best camera phone.

Knowing that the public cares a lot about smartphone cameras, Charles Chi, Executive Chairman of Lytro, has revealed that the company may be interested in incorporating its new camera technology into smartphones. In order to gain a strong foothold in the smartphone market, Lytro would be looking at licensing agreements that would give interested smartphone manufacturers permission to use the technology on their devices. Charles Chi poits out that:

If we were to apply the technology in smartphones, that ecosystem is, of course, very complex, with some very large players there. It’s an industry that’s very different and driven based on operational excellence. For us to compete in there, we’d have to be a very different kind of company. So if we were to enter that space, it would definitely be through a partnership and a codevelopment of the technology, and ultimately some kind of licensing with the appropriate partner.Charles ChiLytro

For now, it does not look like Lytro has a plan in place to partner with smartphone makers. When Lytro does finally make its move, we suspect manufacturers producing Android phones will be among the first to license Lytro’s camera technology. Companies like Sony and Samsung have a long history of developing their own camera technology, so we suspect players like HTC and Motorola would be among those interested in incorporating Lytro’s unique Light Field capture system into Android powered phones.

We know most people have not had the chance to use a Lytro camera yet, but would you be willing to pay a little extra for a smartphone if it featured Lytro Light Field technology?

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