Quick, run to the Android Market and start looking for apps. If you’ve got a dime, you can probably get some of the more popular paid apps available in the Android Market. We’re not sure if this is a glitch or some stealthy marketing promotion to increase download totals, but several apps are available for only 10 cents in the US and 10p in the UK.

AndroidCentral noted this a short while ago and I went ahead to test it for myself. Sure enough, I was able to buy Fieldrunners HD, Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro, and Soundhound for less than the tax I pay when buying a Coca-Cola.

Other popular apps on sale include SwiftKey X, Great Little War Game, and Minecraft. All are from different developers, so I’m not seeing a trend to explain this as a concerted effort. That’s why this could be a glitch and there’s a chance that these transactions might be cancelled, but it’s worth taking a shot. Browse the Android Market and grab the low-cost apps that appeal to you.

UPDATE: Confirmed.

This is indeed a coordinated effort to celebrate Google’s 10 billion apps downloaded plateau. A different set of apps will go on sale each day from now until December 15, 2011. More information available here.

And while you’re there, spread some of that karma and buy some other worthy paid apps that you may have had your eyes on previously. Spread the good karma and wealth around.

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