carly metro

Everyone is worried about the AT&T/T-Mobile merger that could be taking place in the near future. Smaller, affordable companies could see this as a great opportunity to get some costumers looking to keep lower prices, though. Metro PCS is using this possible acquisition as a marketing stunt, but they’re not merely advertising their great plans. They’re using Carly as a character in their commercial. (Not the real one, of course).

This may be nothing but a simple joke, and the odds of Carly (T-Mobile’s Marketing MVP) moving to Metro PCS are definitely very small. While many will find this video funny, a great percentage of our readers are T-Mobile subscribers. You may not appreciate Metro taking advantage of the situation and using one of Magenta’s biggest icons as a tool.

All jokes aside, the day when T-Mobile disappears may be coming soon. Many of you will have to make a decision and choose what carrier will best suit your needs. Metro could possibly be a good affordable option, as could Virgin Mobile or other smaller companies. It would be interesting to know where most of you will be going. Would you guys prefer one of the big guys (Verizon and AT&T)? Would you go for Sprint? Maybe one of these smaller carriers?

Check out the video and let us know what you think! Do you appreciate Metro’s move?

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