It’s no secret that Apple and Microsoft have very different views on how to handle patent infringement. Apple chooses to take everyone to court instead of licensing patents. The Cupertino-based company recently went on the record saying that, even if they win their current court cases with manufacturer Samsung, they will still only license certain low-level patents. Microsoft has taken the opposite approach, inking licensing deals everywhere they can. Over the weekend, Microsoft came to yet another patent agreement — this time with Android manufacturer Compal.

Compal is s Taiwanese original design manufacturer who has a hand in the production of products from Lenovo. Microsoft calls its latest deal “a new milestone for our Android licensing program.” From here on out, a “reasonable and fair” share of Compal’s $ 28 billion annual income will go to Microsoft. With this latest deal, Microsoft is now cashing in on patent agreements from over half of all Android original design manufacturers. Fifty-five percent to be exact.

Back in early August, it was revealed that Microsoft currently makes more money from Android patent agreements than from their own mobile OS. Since that time, Microsoft has struck a deal with Samsung, the world’s number one manufacturer of phones. The fourth quarter will undoubtedly be very profitable for Microsoft, whether they sell any phones or not.

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