While Microsoft’s marketshare with Windows Phone is terrible at best, the same can’t be said for video game consoles. With almost one million consoles sold the week of Black Friday 2011, Xbox is king when it comes to interactive living room entertainment. Much as it’s done with Office in the past, Microsoft realizes that there’s a place for Xbox and the services associated with the console outside of its own ecosystem. A recent job posting with Microsoft reveals the company’s ambitions to expand beyond their own products.

Back in early December, Microsoft released an Xbox companion app for iOS. The app allows iOS users to manage all the social aspects of Xbox Live right from the iDevice of their choosing. Of course, the Windows Phone features a much more in-depth experience, but the fact that Microsoft is developing for other platforms is a good sign that their head is in the right place.

According to a job posting from Microsoft, the company is now looking to “to bring the latest and greatest gaming and entertainment experience to mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile platforms.” Under the qualifications for the posting, Android development experience is listed as a “big plus.”

No specifics were mentioned as to what Microsoft plans to release for Android, but location based gaming and social networking were listed as just two of the “interesting user scenarios” new hires would be working with.

As an Xbox user myself, I can’t wait to see what Microsoft has in store. They’ve done some amazing things with Kinect lately, it would be nice to see some innovative Xbox powered gaming brought to Android.

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