MLS Matchday

Get ready for first kick this Saturday with the latest news, analysis and alerts from MLS

Along with the hype machine of “Jersey Week” and last-minute roster changes surrounding the MLS season kickoff this Saturday, MLS has updated its Matchday app for Android with a fresh look and even more features over the 2013 version. You’ll instantly notice a refreshed interface that looks and acts like a 2014 Android app, with a slide-in drawer taking over more navigation function and the top action bar making proper use of category selection, filter, refresh and settings buttons.

As for under-the-hood functionality, you’ll notice a drastically improved notification and news system that lets you follow multiple aspects of several teams if you choose to. You have your selection of every MLS team, along with the U.S. and Canadian national teams, of which you no longer have to select one “favorite” but can instead follow as many teams as you’d like. You can choose specifically what notifications you see about each team, and can even filter news by both content type and team in the homescreen view.


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