Not too many people know this about the Moto X, but Motorola has preinstalled an app called Spotlight on the device. It stayed hidden, until one day, you see a little red hat playfully float down your screen. Personally, I was confused as hell. But pressing that little red hat opened an interactive animation called Windy Day, where you follow the mouse protagonist by moving your phone around to move the camera.

The animation was adorable and well done, the interactive aspect was fun, and the fact that Motorola put in something so unnecessary but fun was awesome to me. But now, after a while has passed, Motorola is almost ready to release the next animation. It will be called Buggy Night, and according to Motorola, is coming soon.

Keep your eye out for some random animation pop up on your Moto X, because when you press it, you’re in for a fun surprise. It looks like the latest animation is in the same style as the previous, so it should be good. What do you think of this feature Motorola included with its device? Leave a comment!

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