Moto X

After a late arrival in the UK and mainland Europe, how does the Moto X shape up?

After a five-month wait, European consumers finally got the Moto X this February. A significant launch for Moto’s European arm, it’s occurring as the company prepares to enter yet another period of transition following the Lenovo acquisition.

Industry drama aside, the Moto X the most high-profile Motorola smartphone to hit European shores in at least a couple of years, and undoubtedly the company’s best effort to date. For that reason, the Moto X was our favorite phone of 2013, beating competition from HTC and Samsung. But in contrast to its US launch, the European Moto X is positioned more as a mid-range companion to the Moto G, rather than a competitor to the raft of new high-end Androids appearing in the next month.

In our “casual review” of the European Moto X, we’re not going to re-hash everything we’ve already covered in our full Moto X review and six-month look-back. Instead we’re going to reflect on some general thoughts on the device after three weeks of use, and consider where it belongs in the wider Android marketplace.

So how does the Moto X fit into this new mid-range role, and is it still worth a look so long after its global debut? Let’s take a look…


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