We have been hearing about Google testing some smart watches, lately. The idea of being able to access your messages, social networks, apps, and other features from your wrist seems quite convenient. Manufacturers haven’t quite found the right equation for these devices, though.

Most of these gadgets are very limited, expensive or simply not hitting the right spot for our tech-hungry stomachs. It seems like waiting for Google’s response might be a good idea before you throw out your hard-earned cash. Or you could wait for the developer community to make things right, and a developer named CMW just made the first move.

CMW has managed to root the Motorola MotoACTV, throw the stock Honeycomb launcher in there, and even gave the smartwatch access to the Android Market. If it has Android, we can customize it right? Honeycomb may not look its best in such a small screen, but it is not looking bad either, and things should improve as developers do more with it.

We must say we were impressed. Sure, this is no high end Dick Tracy super watch, but it is running awfully smoother than one would imagine. Rocking a 600 MHz TI OMAP 3630 processor, and only 256 MB of RAM, this bad boy manages to get things done fairly well.

MotoACTV users can check out CMW’s instructions if they are willing to unleash the power of that Android watch. As for the rest of us, we can check out his video, which is posted right below. What do you guys say? Will the developer community make a better job than the manufacturers? Are you liking Honeycomb in a 1.6-inch device?


We noticed that some of you are interested in purchasing a MotoACTV. After seeing what the device is capable of, we can understand why this watch is now more enticing. For your convenience, we are placing direct links to Amazon right below. The 8 GB version goes for $ 209.99, while the 16 GB one will cost you $ 299.99.

Still a bit pricey, but if you can afford it, and like these hacks, here are the links:

Link: 8 GB Motorola MotoACTV

Link: 16 GB Motorola MotoACTV

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