MOTOACTV update improves battery life, plus other features

Motorola’s MOTOACTV is now pushing out a new update to all 8GB models, with 16GB models set to receive the upgrade within the next week. The upgrade (software version 4.55.76 and 4.56.76 ) improves the battery life, adding up to 8 hours of continuous outdoor activity. Also included in this update is the usual bug fixes, screen optimization and Multi Sport, which lets users include multiple activites into a total workout.

Honestly, when the MOTOACTV was announced I felt as if I were the only one actually interested, as I’ve heard no chatter whatsoever about this device, people just don’t seem excited about it. Motorola on its forum page, listed the following improvements:

  • Sync through USB – Enhanced “Sync in Progress” screen
  • Language Support – Additional language support for Europe and Latin America
  • Race Myself – Fix bug in “Race Myself” feature
  • Multi Sport – Additional support for Multi Sport feature
  • Metric – Enhanced calorie calculation that takes into account elevation
  • Stability – Improved stability of fitness application
  • Music Metadata Sync to Portal
  • Workout Summary – Optimized Summary Screen after workout
  • Audio Coaching – Enhanced audio alerts during workout
  • GPS Route – Enhanced GPS route tracking
  • Battery Management – Improvements in battery life for Outdoor workout.
  • Planned Workouts – Enhanced Planned workouts using a saved route
  • Workout – Auto Run and Auto Pause feature optimization

Instructions on how to install the update

To install the update, please plug-in your MOTOACTV to your computer and you will be prompted to download an upgrade. If not, while your device is plugged in, click on DEVICE > Check for Device Upgrade in MOTOCAST USB. Lets us know how it panned out in the comment section.

Source: Motorola



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