MOTOACTV wristwatch morphed into mini Honeycomb Tablet

You know the Android-powered MOTOACTV wristwatch that I seem to always write about? Well, a developer by the name of Chris Wade, has morphed this tiny Android device into a mini tablet running Honeycomb. Yes, you heard right. This dude started tinkering around with the sports watch to the point of tearing it open and displaying its guts across his palm for everyone’s eyes to see. Before he put the pieces back together, he discovered a OMAP 3630 clocked at 600MHz and 256MB of RAM, which is almost as powerful as some mid-range phones out there. Once everything was reassembled, Wade was then able to root the Gingerbread platform on the ACTV, transforming it to a 1.6-inch tablet by loading the stock Honeycomb launcher on to it — slick, ha?

He also gave the device access to the Android Market, giving him the ability to install apps like Angry Birds (as seen in the pic below). Users can get access to the Market with the help of CyanogenMod. It’s really remarkable what the Android community can do when it puts its mind to it. That said, I don’t know if this whole thing is fully functioning, but you have to admit seeing a tablet user interface run on a 1.6-inch display is bad-ass.

If you want to see the super watch in action, please checkout the video embedded down below. Also, if you’re in a hacking mood head over to this link to get the instructions on how you can morph your MOTOACTV into a mini-tab.

Source: Engadget

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