As promised, Motorola has brought its Motorola Alert app. The app made its debut on the inexpensive Moto E, and it’s migrated to more of Motorola’s phones — specifically the Moto X and Moto G, which are starting to receive their Android 4.4.3 updates. (The app would mostly work on the Moto G and Moto X before the update, but now everything’s all official-like.)

The Alert app is part emergency locator, part alarm, and part big brother. You’ll designate an emergency contact — or a group of contacts. Should something bad happen (and should you be able to get to your phone), they’ll be told that the Alert app has been activated, and given coordinates of your location, all over SMS. There’s also a sort of panic but that sends a pretty decent siren screaming into that good night. And there’s also a “Follow Me” option that will periodically send out your location, or alert contacts when you’re arrived at a predesignated location. Say, home or work.

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