Whoa there, Motorola! Getting aggressive, aren’t we? While other manufacturers are “looking into” device updates to Ice Cream Sandwich, these guys are not playing it safe. The company has decided to give us time frames. Motorola just tweeted that they will be releasing Android 4.0 devices 6 weeks after the final version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is released.

This is certainly no easy move. We don’t even know how soon the Nexus S will be getting this update. And the Nexus predecessor is usually the second to have the latest updates, with other devices following after some time. We can assume that last year’s Nexus device will probably take around the same time as Motorola’s new devices, though (maybe somewhat less). Motorola claiming that they can release ICS smartphones as quickly as a Nexus phone gets the update is definitely huge news.

Frankly, it seems a bit hard to believe that Motorola can pull something like this off. Even more so, since their devices run under the don’t-call-it-MotoBlur UI. These overlays are known to delay software upgrades.

Since ICS devices will be released that soon, are they also pushing the updates as fast? Let’s assume Motorola does it. Even if they do happen to accomplish this, much of the delay can sometimes be the carriers’ fault. Depending on your carrier and what issues they might run into, the updates could still be delayed further from the 6 week period that Motorola promises.

We do not yet know which devices could probably be getting said update. The Twitter user that asked Motorola about the subject happens to be an Atrix owner, though. This may mean that the Atrix 4G could be one of the lucky ones, but Motorola didn’t exactly mention (or imply) anything. Odds are that the latest devices will be the ones getting it. Devices like the Photon 4G, the Droid RAZR, the Bionic, Atrix 2, etc.

Until now, we’ll keep our fingers crossed and see how Motorola holds up to their word. What do you guys think? Will they be able to pull it off? As for new devices with ICS, what do you think we could be seeing soon?


While the tweet posted above didn’t specify much, our very own Sean Riley has reached out to Motorola and received a more solid answer. Aside from new devices to come with ICS, Motorola has stated that 3 current ones will definitely be updated. These are the DROID RAZR, the DROID Bionic, and the Xoom.

We will have to wait a bit more to hear which other devices will be getting Android 4.0. According to Motorola’s tweet, they will inform us within the 6 week period after the final version of Ice Cream Sandwich is released. Who is excited to get this update?!

Thanks for the tip, Brian and BigMerf!

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