Motorola website says DROID MAXX will launch on January 26

The Motorola DROID MAXX was recently unveiled at this year’s CES, and while it isn’t a completely new handset, it does boast a very attractive feature.  The main difference between the DROID MAXX and the DROID RAZR is a larger battery.  In fact, the DROID MAXX’s battery will last 21 hours on straight talk time on a single charge.  Android smartphones typically get a bad rep when it comes to battery life, but the DROID MAXX aims to change that.  Granted, you will be sacrificing some thinness, but the extra juice should be worth it.

In any event, Motorola and Verizon did not announce a launch date for the DROID MAXX and simply said the device would launch in the coming weeks.  Fortunately for those anxiously waiting for the DROID MAXX, you’ll be pleased to know that the Motorola website went ahead and published January 26th as the launch date.  On the same page, you can sign up for more information.

In addition, we know that Verizon plans to charge $ 299 on contract for the DROID MAXX and now the January 26th launch date essentially confirms all parts of the puzzle.  Barring any unforeseen delays, we’re just thirteen days away from the DROID MAXX’s launch.


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