As futuristic as the Google Glass hardware is, the MyGlass companion app is relatively pedestrian and basic — but that’s changing today with an update to version 3.0 of MyGlass. In contrast to previous updates that have brought mostly under the hood fixes, version 3.0 of MyGlass takes the interface in a completely different (and much improved) direction. You’ll find a new slide-in bar on the left edge that matches other modern Google Apps, giving you quick access to settings, contacts, active Glassware and new Glassware to install.

The interface for adding and managing Glassware has drastically improved, moving away from the never-ending scrolling list of cards to smaller icons for Glassware that’s already installed. You’ll find a generally polished and improved app all around the interface all around, making you wonder how you ever dealt with the old, clunky interface before.

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