The new Android Market (version 3.3.11) is rumored to be rolling out to handsets as we speak. The new update ushers in a slew of features, which includes the ability for many Android users to use auto-updating of apps over WiFi. This feature is important because it does away with having to go back into the Market every time a new update is pushed.

3.3.11 also allows you to select the app being downloaded to automatically set an icon on your home screen, which is an added feature many have seen in Honeycomb for a while. Other tasty treats include voice search inside of the market, star rating chart on app pages, smaller font and a new app drawer.

So far I’ve lightly tested the new Market and I can say, look-wise, it’s a lot more cleaner. I’m not ecstatic with what seems to be the signature feature, auto-updating of apps. I happen to enjoy manually updating my apps, because it reminds me to check for the improvements added after each update — I know, I’m weird like that. The new features are cool, but I’m waiting to see something more significant added like [eh-hem] a music store.

While you’re waiting for the update to be pushed to your device, you can go head and give it a try by downloading it here. We must worn you that the manual install doesn’t work well on tablets and has a few bugs on handsets, according to many who have tried around the web. Let us know in our trusty comment box down below if you’re seeing the update. Also, let us know if you’ve already updated.

Source: The Verge

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