Android newsreading app News360 has updated to add a few major functions in the 2.0 release of its app for phones and tablets. Aside from a interface redesign and added video support, there’s now a built-in “content personalization technology” to populate sources for you to read. By connecting with Facebook, Google+, Google Reader, Instapaper, or Twitter, News360 will pull in top blogs, newspapers, gadgets, activities, places, and other subjects worth reading.

This is all part of News360′s desire to make the news more personal. When we previously covered the app, we praised it for its wide reach of sources that allowed users to find news on practically anything, and see it presented from a variety of angels and perspectives (as well as doing it visually). But some people want a more focused view of the news and desired an easier way to get it.

News360 also supports a web client for more link/source syncing across devices. Someone can manage their sources/topics online, mark an article to be read on the go, and then resume reading on their phone while taking the bus to work.

“Users have really responded to the personalization in News360 2.0. On tablets and on the web, our ‘reverse search engine’ approach that monitors the web for things that might be relevant to you, has helped our users get the stories that matter to them without losing the big picture,” says Roman Karachinsky, CEO.

“We know you don’t have time to get to everything you want to do. So we’ve made sure you can read what you want, when you want it, no matter what device you are using.”

I’ve played with the new version of the app for a little bit and like what I see. One strange thing I noticed was that the app suggested that I follow rugby. That was strange because my sole mention of rugby was a one-time comment on Google+ about the recent Rugby World Cup match. It was otherwise spot-on with suggestions for comedy, football, music, and soccer (I’m a simple man). You may see some sources and categories suggested that don’t meet your tastes, but you can quickly delete them during the set-up process.

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