If you own the Sprint Nexus S 4G and are waiting on the official update to Android 4.0, then we have some good news for you. A new internal testing ROM was just spotted on Google’s servers that updates the Nexus S 4G to Android version 4.0.4, build number IMM26.

The file was quickly pulled after it was spotted, but if you are adventurous you can head over to xda-developers and grab a mirrored copy. I’d normally post a guide with instructions for the manual update, but since the official file has been removed from Google’s servers we just suggest the average user wait it out.

Reports suggest that this version was signed with release keys, which likely means it’s we will see the official update in the coming weeks. I’ve been using Android 4.0 on my T-Mobile Nexus S that I gave to a family member and its been running great so far. If you try out this leaked software on your Sprint Nexus S 4G, let us know how it performed in the comments below.

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