The tech world’s reaction to the Nokia X in the tech world was mostly negative. A very low-end Nokia device running an old version of Android isn’t exactly appealing to those who love high-end hardware, but the expectations made it so much worse. We wanted a bleeding edge Nokia phone running Android for a long time, so this  budget device just added insult to injury. But our opinions are rarely shared by the general public.

While we don’t know how most US consumers have reacted to Nokia X (we’re not even sure most know that it exists), it looks like China is fairly excited for it. Nokia has announced that in China alone, the X has gotten 1 million pre-orders. That’s an impressive number and a surprising win for Nokia.

While none of us really want the Nokia X because of its low-end hardware and forked, Play Store-less version of Android, it’s still a decent device for emerging markets with a low price tag. We really shouldn’t hate on it, but it’s hard dealing with a broken heart. We really thought we were going to get our Android-powered Lumia game on.

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