Norton today unveiled the availability of Norton Tablet Security and new updates for Norton Mobile Security. The Norton Tablet Security includes web-based anti-theft, anti-malware and web protection. The Norton Mobile Security includes a new “scream” feature designed to help mobile owners find a lost or stolen device quickly. This is an interesting function that works when a user sends a text to a missing phone to remotely activate an alarm that helps them locate wherever the device may be.

Discussing the company’s new update, Dave Cole, Norton’s vice president of mobile products, said in a release:

“With today’s smartphones, people stand to risk losing much more than contact information when a device is lost or stolen – it’s access to their email, social networking sites, financial institutions or even exposing personal photos or videos, as many celebrities have.” He continued saying “Given these risks, consumers are increasingly motivated to protect their mobile lives. Norton Tablet Security and Norton Mobile Security provide protection from physical and online threats from one of the most trusted brands in security.”

Honestly, I’m not sure if Norton’s app is better than Lookout Security and Antivirus, but this update seems pretty solid. As for pricing, the Norton Tablet Security suite will set you back a whopping $ 39.99 and the Norton Mobile Security suite $ 29.99, both of which come with one year of protection for one device. If you’re thing of buying, then these options will be available from today and found in “select US and regional retailers.”


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