kddi ads

Back in early August of 2011, we brought you a story about how SlingLabs was looking to help developers put ads in your notification bar. The negative response to that story was off the charts. While we can understand developers need to make money from their apps, and ads are a convenient way to do that, we don’t have to like the idea of them showing up in our sacred notification bar. But if that was the case, we could simply uninstall the app, and forget it ever happened. Unfortunately, some KDDI au customers aren’t so lucky.

Much like with American carriers, Japanese carrier KDDI bundles apps and software with their Android phones that cannot be uninstalled. One such piece of software is the au one Market. Up until now, there was no reason to hate the alternative to the Android Market. But thanks to a recent update, users are dying to get rid of it.

After its latest update, the au one Market will send ads as push notifications, alert messages and all. The fact that KDDI is forcing these kind of ads on users is terrible, especially since there’s no way to make them stop. Hopefully, this is not the beginning of a frightening trend.

While this is one of the first times we’ve ever heard about a carrier forcing something like this on their users, it might not be the last. Can you imagine Sprint or Verizon constantly notifying you of their latest Nascar or American Idol app available only in their special carrier branded app store? I can, and it sends shivers down my spine. There’s no indication of this happening in the US anytime soon, but just know that Android users in other parts of the world are already facing one of their worst nightmares. One notification at a time.

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