Google has just sent out invites to an event centered around Google Music. Unfortunately they aren’t playing any fun games with the invite; it’s just white text on a blue background. So there was a bit more to the invite then we originally believed, check it out in the gallery below. There’s an image below the text, which contains among other things a T-Mobile logo, so feel free to let that fuel your guesses as to what Google has up their sleeve.

They did elect to title the event “These Go to Eleven,” which is probably my favorite quote from This is Spinal Tap, but I’m not really seeing that as a worthwhile hint. (If you have a favorite quote please share in comments, I love that movie.)

Anyway, when we last tuned in to the Google Music rumor channel in October, we had some mobile browser captures showing an option to “Shop Android Market” for music. This coupled with Andy Rubin’s comments at the All Things D event in China last month point to the unveiling of the Google Music purchasing component. A music service that didn’t let you buy music wasn’t the most logical thing, at least not from a business standpoint, so it’s good to see that Google has finally managed to work things out with the music industry.

And on the plus side, we do still have a degree of mystery involved here. Andy Rubin quite pointedly said that their service “will have a little twist; it will have a little Google in it. It won’t just be selling 99-cent tracks.” The going wisdom is that the twist is a sharing component, possibly integrated with Google +, but there hasn’t been any definitive confirmation.

Next Wednesday at 4:00 PM CST we’ll have our answer. You can watch the livestream at In the meantime what are your guesses for the twist? Do you think it’s a sharing component and do you view that as a potential killer feature for Google Music?

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