millennial november 2011

Millennial’s monthly MobileMix report has come out today, detailing the marketshare of smartphone operating systems, manufacturers and individual phones for the month of November, 2011, ranked by ad impressions served. There’s some very interesting numbers in all three categories, including a loss of the pie for Android and a gain for BlackBerry and Research In Motion.

According to Millennial, Android’s marketshare has dropped six points since October, down to 50% in November. Meanwhile, both Apple and RIM saw a gain in marketshare of 2% and 4% respectively. Overall, Android still has the competition by a full 20%.

When it comes to individual manufacturers, Samsung is leading the Android pack. In October, HTC was holding steady at 18.11%, but has since dropped down to 12.64%. Samsung now claims 17.47%, nestled between Apple at 25.66%, and RIM at 14.57%.

Out of the top 20 devices in November, Android holds 14 spots. The top ranked Android device? The Motorola Droid X with 5.27%.

The Kindle Fire’s adoption rate was also detailed. Impressions served has grown at an average rate of 19% daily, outpacing the iPad’s adoption rate when it first launched in 2010.

At this point, you may be wondering what these numbers mean. While Android’s loss of marketshare is never a good thing, even when it’s based on ad impressions served, it makes sense considering what happened in the months of October and November.

T-Mobile, a huge supporter of Android, was faced with an uncertain future (and so were their customers), the Galaxy S II was still a fresh face in the US, holiday sales were right around the corner and Apple had just released the iPhone 4S. Not to mention the Galaxy Nexus hadn’t been released; a lot of people were waiting for that one. I have a good feeling Android will bounce back in the month of December. Until then, don’t start digging any graves just yet.

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