In a move to further unify and consolidate their services, Google has announced that they are officially transitioning Google Checkout to Google Wallet.

From here on out, YouTube, Google+ Games, the Android Market and any other Google sites will use Google Wallet instead of Checkout. For other business partners still using Checkout, payments made with Wallet will be processed as normal. Beginning next year, Google will start transitioning merchant accounts over to “the Google Wallet logo,” along with giving them access to new and upcoming features.

By going to, you can move your Google Checkout account to a Google Wallet account right now. Once inside your Google Wallet account, you’ll be able to manage your payment methods, change your shipping address and view any previous transactions. I took a moment to convert my account earlier tonight, and things appear to have gone off without a hitch.

The differences between the two services are relatively minute, but it’s nice to see Google working to keep things organized. With so many services under their belt, Google will need to keep things tidy in order to create a connected feeling experience.

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