Surprisingly high-quality build and subtle design choices with an industry-leading price point have us intrigued

We’ve just wrapped up an event here in San Francisco with CyanogenMod and OnePlus, where we finally have our hands on the much-awaited OnePlus One. This much-hyped device has drawn a good number of followers (and critics) over the past few months with an interesting marketing campaign, and now we have the hardware (and software) to look at for ourselves and see how things stack up.

Be sure to hit the break for an extensive gallery of the OnePlus One hardware, along with a few comparisons of other devices and our first impressions, after the break. We’ve got more on the software and its new version of CyanogenMod as well.

Naturally, we’ll be bringing more in-depth coverage of the OnePlus One as we spend more quality time with it.

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