People often rely on the judgment of others when making decisions, but your friends aren’t always there to offer advice. Opinionaided organizes feedback from your friends – or a larger, public audience if you so choose – gathered through a new Android app.

Opinionaided is a like a mobile election tracker for questions and answers. While Quora seeks expert opinions, Opinionaided wants to know what the broader audience thinks so it can show that data to the user.

Imagine you’re in Macy’s looking for a new outfit but can’t decide if you look presentable in a shirt. Snap a photo, ask among your friend lists or the public network, and watch as the responses roll in. Questions with a “Thumbs up, down, or neutral” premise work best, but respondents can add comments for extra clarity. About 71% of users gave a thumbs up to my “Should I switch from Android to iPhone” question, but that might not be enough to convince me. That’s why Opinionaided allows users to click on responses and ask that person follow-up questions.

“People can have these threaded conversations where they say ‘Thanks for the advice’ and discuss the issue further,” Opinionaided Co-founder Dan Kurani told me during an interview. “You might end up connecting with those people on a deeper level based on your likes and dislikes.”

Kurani notes that only the person posing the question can see replies, and people who consistently give good answers earn stars as top responders. Encouraging dialogue when appropriate thus helps users make an informed decision and increase the amount of people who continue to participate both asking and answering questions.

Opinionaided creates a community for feedback that encourages rapid responses to practically everything. The mobile Q&A app uses profile data to be smart enough to ensure that a 27 year old male in Florida doesn’t see many questions from a 14 year old male in London. And if someone wants to make the app even more relevant, it supports filtering categories like Art, Technology, Humor, Fashion, Sports, News, and more.

The Androinica Twitter feed receives plenty of questions about which apps are better or which phones make the most sense. While we’re happy to provide “expert” response, our egos aren’t big enough to overlook that a strong thumbs up or down from a large audience may sometimes offer a better perspective. Opinionaided is a more efficient way of asking a question with the hopes of gaining timely responses from your friends or knowledgable people.

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