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Back when the Motorola Atrix was released, the $ 399 Lapdock accessory was also introduced to make use of the webtop features the Atrix brought along with it. But it came in at $ 399 and while it eventually came down from there, many folks simply weren’t interested in it.

But, if you always wanted one but never didn’t want to fork over a lot of cash for it — AT&T will sell you one now on the cheap. $ 50 cheap in fact, making that a savings of $ 350 when all is said and done. Plus, with a few mods here and there — you can get it to work with other devices.

Update: As pointed out in the comments below, AT&T has changed the online price back to $ 100.  Still a much better price than the original $ 399, but double the 50 dollar fire-sale style price it was listed at earlier today.  You certainly have be quick on these type of deals!

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