Don’t you hate it when your elbow deep in some cake mix, and then your phone rings? Well, need not worry. Pantech is coming out with a device that’ll separate itself from the Samsung’s, HTC’s and Motorola’s of the world. The South Korean-based company plans to release a LTE smartphone called the Vega.

The Vega will carry a cool feature that should allow users to scroll or touch their phone’s screen without actually touching it (yes, you heard right). The new technology added is a gesture recognition software that almost mimics how the Microsoft Kinect works. This innovative technology will be part of a new Vega LTE line of phones due to hit the market in November. Consumers get to enjoy standard functions like answering calls and playing music — all operated via gesture.

Most information about this phone is mum, but rumored specs include the following:

  • 4.5-inch display with 1280 x 800 pixels
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • An abnormal 1,860 mAh battery
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • NFC
  • T-DMD mobile TV watching

It’s about time Pantech has decided to join the party of manufacturers offering Android power-phones. For so long the company has carried the cheap phone makers tag, and now it attempts to break loose from those shackles with the Vega LTE. I for one can’t wait to wave to answer a call or change a song all without bombarding my screen with annoying fingerprints. Checkout this YouTube video that shows the gesture technology in action. Enjoy!

Source: PhoneArena


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