Pebble 2.0

Stability said to be improved ‘considerably’

The folks at Pebble have pushed out an update for the Android beta app, and it looks like a lot of the kinks have been addressed. Usually, we see a list of changes followed by an equally long list of issues, but this time around there is only one known issue remaining.


  • PebbleKit JS localStorage is now sandboxed for each app
  • Many improvements to onboarding and FW installation
  • Issues with sideloading apps in some circumstances have been fixed
  • Some issues with loading JS configuration views after the app has been quit have been addressed
  • JavaScript app logs printed via ADB are cleaner
  • MyPebble now loads faster

Known issue:

  • Pairing a Pebble during onboarding may not succeed. If you run into problems, exit the Pebble app. Remove the pairing entry from Android BT settings & your Pebble. Then pair manually using BT settings.

You’ll need to uninstall version 10 before you install this one, and any javascript-based apps will need manually reinstalled. Developers, and those of us who live on the edge, go grab it.

Source: Pebble Developers Blog


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