Get an even better deal by donating above-average early for all six games

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle — now the fourth iteration — is available, brining you four or six amazing Android games for an equally-amazing price. The Humble Bundle model is unique in that it lets you pay anything you’d like to buy the games, with the only qualification being that you pay over the average donation thus far in order to unlock all of the games. You can even choose how your donation is split between the developers and charities if you’d like. This time around you can pick up four games for any donation:

And two more games with an above-average donation:

  • BADLAND Premium
  • Breach & Clear

The current average purchase price is just $ 3.24 for all six games, which is a killer deal (Riptide GP2 alone is $ 2.99 in Google Play). You can donate and get your games from the source link below now.

Source: Humble Bundle


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