Androids users waited for months to get a shot at the wildly-popular iOS game Plants vs. Zombies. And when the app finally arrived in May, they were disappointed to learn that it was an Amazon Appstore exclusive, meaning no one outside of the U.S. who lacked hackery in their blood could get to it.

That all has changed now that PvZ, and its fellow PopCap Game brother Peggle, has entered the Android Market for $ 2.99. The Amazon Market’s six-month exclusivity of the games has expired, allowing everyone with access to paid apps in the Android Market to finally see what all the hype is about. In case you’ve been living under a rock and need to know more about the games, here’s a quick rundown.

Plants vs. Zombies is a defense game in which a horde of cartoon zombies is coming to invade your home and eat your brain. So you have to plant various types of plants that can shoot, delay, or destroy the zombies. The game is fun for its many types of zombies, graphics and soundtrack, and more than 50 levels. Android 2.2 or higher is required to play the game. [DOWNLOAD]

Peggle is a competitive puzzle game in which players send a bouncing ball towards a number of pegs. Certain pegs are marked to be tapped in order to clear the board, so players have to figure out how to make the ball bounce and hit those specially-colored pegs. Peggle has more than 55 levels, the ability to compete against someone else in Duel Mode, and offers a challenging shooting system that rewards players with bonus points. Android 2.2 or higher is required to play the game. [DOWNLOAD]

via Phandroid

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