PlayPhone to debut four new Android games in the next month

PlayPhone, a US-based mobile phone content provider unknown to many, has proved to be very active during the past few months and has released a bunch of interesting and mostly free Android games.

Their Android Market ‘’invasion’’ is set to continue for a while and we have no less than four new titles due to be released by PlayPhone over the next month, according to an official press release.

Well, as a matter of fact, the press release announced 11 games to hit the market, but five of them are already up for download on Android Market and one is an iOS-exclusive (shame on you, PlayPhone!).

The first of the four, Journey to Egypt, is a game developed by China Wireless Arts and is intended to be a ‘’heroic adventure filled with fast-paced arcade combat, cryptic Egyptian themes and an immersive storyline’’. Tempting, at least for an Egypt culture fan like myself, but we should wait and see how the game looks like in reality.

The second title, Puzzle Rivals, comes from Nimbus Games, the developing mind of the already successful Apollo 69. Telling ‘’the story of brave folks of a forgotten nation’’, Puzzle Rivals sounds like something I for one would only download if it were available for free and if I would be extremely bored.

Pet Kingdom comes from China Wireless Arts, like Journey to Egypt, but unlike the arcade game, doesn’t sound very appealing. The Pet Kingdom’s target is to nurture and train your pet to become a ‘’trustworthy friend and ally as you embark on an adventure-filled journey to eradicate the Ghost King’’. Thanks, but no, thanks!

Finally, SmartQuiz Live! seems to be the most interesting title of them all, at least for me personally, being a LIVE multiplayer trivia game based on pop culture, historic and non-traditional trivia categories. Now that sounds like fun and is the only one of these four games that I actually see myself paying for!

As I already mentioned, the PlayPhone announcement includes other gaming titles as well, but these have already been released and can be downloaded from Android Market. As for these four games’ availability, we have no official news right now, but if I were to make a guess, I would expect them to be made available in a few weeks tops.


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