Verizon store

Today is the big day that all the hardcore nerds around here have been waiting on for a really long time. Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus is now on sale at the Verizon Wireless online store and it will be in stores and other authorized retailers by morning.

Our local Verizon Wireless store was taking reservations, so I’m headed to bed so I can wake up and grab mine in the morning. Unfortunately we are hearing that a lot of locations are first come, first serve and quantities are limited.

Are any crazy Android fans up this late waiting in front of your small town Verizon store?

We plan to share our launch stories and we want to hear yours too. Please share how your purchase experience went and let us know if you learned anything new.

Did you skip the crowds and order online from Verizon or Amazon? If you purchased offline, what retailer did you buy from? Was there any line at your store? Did you ask how many units they had for sale? Did you buy any accessories? Did you get that special $ 100 off coupon that some previous Altel customers were offered? Did your Verizon location have the double data promotion?

p.s. If you want a flashback, go read the Nexus S launch stories from last year

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