Transformer Prime

Late last night we got our first look at the ASUS Transformer Prime and today more details are beginning to come out. ASUS now has a teaser page for the Prime which claims it’s better than its predecessor in every aspect – “faster, stronger, slimmer, and of course, sexier.”

Once again, the Prime is confirmed as the world’s first tablet to feature the next-generation quad-core chip from NVIDIA known as Kal-El (and soon to be Tegra 3). Other unconfirmed specs include a 10-inch display, only 8.3mm thin, mini-HDMI port, microSD card slot, aluminum casing, and of course the optional keyboard dock accessory (which now offers up to 16.5 hours of battery life).

If you want a quick look at the tablet in action check out the video interview with ASUS CEO Johny Shin shared by AllThingsD. The Prime appears to be running Honeycomb Android 3.x, but Shin mentioned that Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 was coming by the end of the year – “sooner than we think.”

Today ASUS tweeted that Ice Cream Sandwich was “coming to an Eee Pad Transformer near you” and asked us to stay tuned for details. ASUS announced they would hold a launch event for the Transformer Prime on November 9th, so we won’t have to wait much longer.

Overall, I’m really pumped to get my hands on the Transformer Prime. Even if it ends up costing $ 499 like rumored. I have really enjoyed using my Tegra 2-powered Galaxy Tab 10.1 for the last six months, but it still leaves me wanting more performance and that’s why I’m excited for Tegra 3.

How do you think the Transformer Prime will be received? Are you willing to spend $ 499 on a tablet with ultra performance or would you rather opt for the mid-tier of tablets, like Amazon’s $ 199 Kindle Fire?

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