Get your repetitive puzzle game fix and see what the craze is all about

Well it didn’t take very long — the hit puzzle game Threes! is now available in all its glory on Android. Coming in at just $ 1.99 without any ads or nagging in-app purchases, Threes! has been applauded for its simplicity and great gameplay, and now even more people have the opportunity to play it. The game is infinitely replayable and simple to pick up — you’re just dealing with a grid of numbers and combining them to get the highest score possible.

The unfortunate thing at this point is that the real game can be tough to find through a regular search with the number of knock-offs (although we do have to say “Fives” is pretty great) on the Play Store right now. But if you follow the Google Play link at the top of this post, you’ll be taken to the correct one. The $ 1.99 price is listed as a discount of 33% right now, so if you want to save a bit, pick it up today.


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