Two big players join over 200 other companies in supporting the leading wireless charging standard

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the group behind the Qi wireless charging standard, has added two more companies to its board today. Adding to a laundry list of the biggest names in technology, Samsung Electro-Mechanics (an internal tech subsidiary of Samsung) and Microsoft both join the efforts of dozens of other companies to be on the cutting edge of wireless charging with Qi. It also has the backing of the four largest U.S. carriers, along with non-tech companies such as IKEA, and has generally been accepted as the leading wireless charging standard.

“Microsoft and Samsung Electro-Mechanics are important players in furthering Qi’s adoption in more devices, cars, products, and places.”

Said John Perzow of WPC, noting that over 40 million devices now utilize the Qi standard for wireless charging. Seeing the lead it has over competing standards as Qi is implemented in all leading smartphones in the last couple of years and branching out into products such as cars and furniture on the charger side, it’s hard to see the WPC falling into second place at this point. These are just two more big players in a long line of companies that are pushing Qi as the defacto wireless charging standard.


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