Radio Shack now guarantees that it has the lowest price on cell phones

Radio Shack is known for throwing customers a bargain here and there, but the company is making that a daily fixture at its retail stores. Today, Radio Shack announced its Mobile Low Price Guarantee for Wireless Phones that promises that The Shack will match any price advertised by a local retailer.

The Mobile Low Price Guarantee states that customers can bring in a print ad from a newspaper or circular showing the price of a competitor – like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc. – selling a similar on-contract or no-contract phone. A Shack employee will then validate the offer and match the price at checkout. Furthermore, customers can bring in an advertisement up to 30 days after purchase and get a price difference. So if you buy a phone at The Shack for $ 179 on February 1 and see a Best Buy ad for $ 159 on March 2, you can still get $ 20 back.

The new deal begins officially today, so anyone eyeing a phone from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon can swing by their local Radio Shack and make a purchase knowing that they will get the best possible deal from a local retailer. Keep in mind that restrictions apply, namely that competitors must sell the same phone with the same agreements as the one purchased at Radio Shack. Pricing errors at a competitor may not be honored, and the guarantee excludes deals offered online or in non-newspaper advertisements.

Read the full stipulations here, and check with your local Radio Shack to make sure it is participating in this deal before purchase (some may be franchises that opt-out of honoring the guarantee.)

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