Napster members attempting to stream music today might be surprised to discover that the app no longer works. Neither its website nor Google TV app are blasting the hits anymore because Rhapsody has acquired Napster and all of its members.

Rhapsody announced weeks ago that it would take over streaming duties for Napster’s customers, and the transition was completed today. Napster members should be able to log into Rhapsody with the same username and password, which should transfer saved playlists and albums. However, some songs may not transfer because licensing rights are not available on both services. Also, MP3 credits are finished because Rhapsody does not support them.

I’ve been listening to Napster for the past few months because I got a free subscription from former owner Best Buy, and I found the service to be slow to stream and annoying. The saving grace for Napster was that it was the one streaming service I could use on any device – phone, TV, Sonos, and computer. Now I have to scratch TV off because Rhapsody doesn’t have a Google TV app and I’d rather not deal with using the browser there.

On the plus side, Rhapsody provides a much better listening experience on Android. Whereas Napster could take up to 10 seconds to start streaming a song, Rhapsody starts within 2 to 5 seconds. It also has a better-looking app that’s easier to browse and artist radio stations to provide more streaming options.

Napster subscribers can transition to Rhapsody simply by downloading the app and logging-in to continue their service plan without interruption. New customers can subscribe to Rhapsody for $ 9.99 per month for unlimited streaming to all devices. Get answers to questions about the transition here.

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