Android Central App

This morning we pushed live to everybody — none of that trollout business — Version 1.4.6 of the Android Central App

Here’s what’s new:

  • Removed the (potentially) NSFW wallpaper sections from the app at the behest of many of our readers, as well as a few other app stores we submit to.
  • Fix for wallpaper sizing when set as desktop background.
  • Fix for some images being stretched in article view.
  • Back by popular request: You can now see how many hours or days ago a story was published.
  • Better handling for deeply nested article comments (no squeezed unreadable comments).
  • We now display inline images in article comments.
  • Fixed issue with article comments sometimes being unselectable, keeping folks from replaying.
  • Various updates for recent sever-side updates.
  • Fixed quote handling in forums (from new version of Tapatalk).

And that’s that. Think of this as a bugfix release — we’ve absolutely got more features on the way, and sooner rather than later. Figure a few weeks or so.


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