The Resident Evil game saga has made a huge impact on our generation. Among other classics, these zombie-killing games have been one of the most acclaimed, and one of the most popular ones is out today for Android – Resident Evil 4.

Don’t go rushing to the Android Market just yet, though. This treat is not for everyone, as LG has exclusivity for a while. The sad part is that this is not only exclusive to LG users, but there are a couple more requirements one needs to fulfill to enjoy this game.

This Capcom hit will temporarily only be available for Korean users that own an LG 4G LTE U+ device. We are sure that 4G LTE is not a system requirement, though. Any device with the appropriate hardware should be able to run this game.

Resident Evil 4 runs for ₩5,500 (about $ 5), and is available today if you happen to fulfill all the requirements. We certainly hope that this game makes it to other devices, as well as other countries, as soon as possible. But for now, let’s just be jealous for a while and stick to our current games.

Will any of you be willing to spend $ 5 on this game? What other games are you still waiting for? I know I am still dreaming about playing Final Fantasy 7 on my Android devices.

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