Rogers LTE coverage in Montreal

Rogers announced today that their LTE network currently sitting in the core of Montreal has now expanded to the outskirts, including areas like Laval, Terrebonne, Brossard, Longueuil, and Vaudreuil. One of the devices that will be sporting the high-speed data standard is the recently-announced Samsung Galaxy Note, but Rogers also has the LTE Galaxy S II, HTC Raider, and HTC Jetstream.

LTE coverage in Canada is still relatively new, having only launched in Montreal at the end of September. Providing solid service to major centres in Quebec is particularly important because the nimble competition, Wind Mobile and Mobilicity, have yet to set up shop in la belle province. There’s still Public Mobile, a discount brand which just recently made the leap from feature phones to smartphones, and the extremely well-established Videotron in Quebec.

Rogers aims to give half the Canadian population access to LTE by the end of the year by expanding to another 25 cities. While a noble goal, the real problem with building out wireless networks in Canada is geographic coverage. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of land up here, and since most Canadians are huddled together in relatively tiny, concentrated pockets, those in more remote areas tend to be left in the cold when it comes to upgrades such as LTE. Rogers won’t completely ignore HSPA+ expansion into those fringes, but I do worry it’ll slow down with LTE demanding their attention.

To keep up to date on the progress of Rogers LTE, keep an eye on their minisite.


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