With the dozens of patent cases floating around these days, we’re sure many of you have been wondering just how much Apple, Motorola, Samsung, HTC and all the other manufacturers are spending on their high-priced lawyers. Since most companies don’t disclose how much they spend on legal representation, we’ll probably never know an exact figure, but a new rumor is floating around which suggests that Apple spent a staggering amount of money on just one case.

The story comes to us from Dan Lyons’ personal blog which states that a source close the Apple lawyers has heard rumors that Apple spent roughly $ 100 million in its first case against HTC.

We’re not sure who the source is or if the $ 100 million price tag for legal fees is remotely accurate, but it does at least show that these companies are spending real money on lawsuits that have little to no impact on the competition.

The case referenced above was brought against HTC in January of 2010 with 84 various claims based on 10 of Apple’s precious patents. After a year and a half, the case completely morphed as Apple prepped more and more patents for the complaint. The end result was a small victory for Apple based on two patents. While Apple techinically won an injunction against HTC, a minor software update will allow HTC to continue to sell its phones within the US market.

The hope is that Apple and all the other manufacturers do a little due-diligence research and calculate what their financial gain would truly be if they win all of their patent cases before setting off to make a quick buck by suing Android manufacturers. $ 100 million may not be a lot of money to Apple, but we’re sure other manufacturers would love to keep that to invest in new technologies or even just to pad their bottom lines.

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