In an attempt to seamlessly integrate their next generation Google TV software with top of the line hardware, Google may be looking for a TV manufacturer to partner up with. According to industry rumors, that partner just might be LG.

In the past, Google has only introduced their pure experience devices once the market becomes saturated with third-party UIs, and a pure Google device became necessary to show the latest in what they have to offer. They’ve done it with both phones and tablets, but until now, Google hasn’t had to do that with Google TV. That time may finally be here.

Google’s last update to Google TV turned out to be a mess. Logitech and Sony were faced with more obstacles than intended with the update, creating a less than desirable experience for consumers. This, plus the upcoming widespread adoption of Google TV (therefore third-party customizations), and rumors of an Apple manufactured TV, has lead Google to initiate a partnership with LG to bring a Pure Google Experience TV to market.

As the world’s third largest TV manufacturer, LG is a leader in bringing innovation and quality to TV sets across the globe. This CES, LG showed an interest in Google TV when they introduced a 55-inch CINEMA 3D equipped with Google software and Magic Remote capabilities. While there’s no word on the hardware LG would be supplying to Google, there’s a good chance it will involve 3D along with voice and movement integration.

Of course, this is all rumor and speculation for the time being, but it certainly makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the outcome of this partnership by Google I/O this summer.

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